Questions & Answers

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Do you charge any initial fee to open a store?

No, we do not charge any additional fees. All you need to pay is for the subscription plan and its options chosen.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no contract to sign.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer a free trial unfortunately. This is because there is no down payment and once you purchase your subscription, our team will put a lot of work into creating your personalized shop, never the less our subscription is very affordable and there is no contract.

How do I pay for my subscription?

When you select your plan and checkout, you will have either the option to signup via a credit card or Paypal if you prefer to. We accept all major cards and payments in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. You also can change your card details at any time if needed.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, you can change your subscription plan at any time. Your payment will be adjusted for the following cycle.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can use your own domain, all we need to do is to point it to your eCommerce shop with us. We will need your domain’s registrar information so we can access your domain’s DNS so it can connect to your site in our server where your eCommerce will be live. Keep in mind that we will not transfer the domain over to us, so the costs and maintenance of the domain are still yours.

We will only manage your domain if you signup a domain management option with us.

If I don't have a domain, which one will I have?

If you add a domain subscription to your eCommerce plan, we will then create a new unique domain so your online shop can be created. During the initial process we will suggest to you few options as a domain name which we think can match your business and field, or we will register a domain that you suggest to us as long as the domain is available.

As standard we only register professional up to 2 words ‘dotcom’ domains, we do not buy premium domains! Other domain extensions than ‘dotcoms’ have to be made under request.


How quickly can I start selling after I have purchased my subscription?

Depending on our team availability, your shop can be set up in a couple of days, as long as you promptly provide the content.

What exactly do I need to provide as far as content and how?

We call content any page texts, company information, product details, pictures, videos, and other information that is intended to be published on the eCommerce shop.

For products we need at least 1 picture (we recommend to provide 2-3 per each product) and at least a basic description. You can send it over by our mobile app or by email.

How do I accept payments from my customers?

As standard, all credit card payments will be processed by Stripe, our Worldwide online merchant settlements partner, however Paypal is also available. All transactions are instantly processed and forwarded to your account.

New shops may experience delays in payments for initial transactions due to security reasons.

How will my shop be managed?

We will manage all the technical and design aspects for you. For the stock, you will soon be able to manage it yourself conveniently by mobile using our new app, meanwhile we will update your stock manually by emails when necessary, or we show you how to do it using a web browser.

Will my data and the data of my customers be secure?

Yes, your data is 100% secured with us, we do not share your information with any other entity. Your date is only used by the credit card merchant to approve your sales.

We do not guarantee however that your data will not be stored or used by other third party services such as Google or other internet infrastructure conglomerates, that may come to provide internet services to us one way or the other.

If I already have a website / eCommerce, can I move it to the new platform?

It depends if the data is available from your old provider and how the data is provided, most of the time it is possible, please contact our team for further assistance.


What is included in the eCommerce management?

We basically keep your online shop running, all you need to do is to keep your stock up to date and ensure to deliver your goods and services sold.

Tasks that we may perform when managing your online Shop:

>Regular Backups.
>Software, app, plugin, database service updates.
>SSL Security upgrades.
>Content page updates when new content is required to be changed.
>Theme design updates when needed.
>Add or remove products from stock when customers are not familiar with our Stock app.

If I sell an item from my physical store, however that still on sale on my online shop, how can I update my stock?

There are three ways to fix that:

  1. Using our mobile APP with stock management, where you can add, remove items and create new products.
  2. By sending us an email with a service request to change a particular product stock asap.
  3. Accessing your eCommerce platform through a browser and making the change. (It requires some knowledge of the platform.)

Who will fix my eCommerce pages after the site is done and I want to change something?

Our team will assist you changing anything you may like on your eCommerce, all you need to do is to submit a ‘Service Request’ by email and explain what you want to be done or change in the desired page. We do not modify structural functions that require development or coding, we do however change the design, wording, texts, images, video links, etc.

How do I submit content to EndeavorWebs?

You have three ways to provide content to us:

  1. Via email – (
  2. Via dropbox – (
  3. Through telegram to our main telegram channel – (EndeavorWebs)

How do I know I sold an item on my eCommerce shop? and what should I do?

When you make a sale on your eCommerce, you will receive immediately an email from the system warning you that a payment was made for a service or product, and the you should proceed to deliver it. Payments are guaranteed by our merchant partner, meaning that the money has been released to the account.

Once the transaction is acknowledge, you should make arrangements to deliver the goods or service you sold.

What happens with the payment received when my online shop sells something? Where does the money go?

All sales made on your eCommerce shop are your business responsibility, credit or debit, however there is an initial period for new shops, where EndeavorWebs will receive payments directly for transactions and will hold them for 30 days, when bank transfers will finally be made to your business account.

The initial period extends to 3 months or 10 successful sales. After the initial period EndeavorWebs will open an account directly with our credit-card merchant and your business will then be able to receive payment directly and instantly in to your business bank account, at that stage EndeavorWebs no longer will be a intermediate and guarantor in the payment process.

If your business still in the initial period funds will be held for up to 30 days.

If you make more than 10 sales and is a EndeavorWebs eCommerce for more than 3 months, payments will likely to be credited to your bank business account directly from the credit card merchant.

EndeavorWebs will not manage your payments account after the initial period!


What happens when I sell on my eCommerce?

You will receive an instant sell order email and your business needs to arrange the delivery of the goods or service promised.

What happen if can't deliver the items or service promised after a sale is made for whatever reason?

IF you sell a product or service but is unable to fulfill the deal, you need to contact the buyer and revoke their payment. If this is your business initial period you need to contact us and request a sales cancellation and a buyers refund, if that happen after you got your own merchant business account, you will need to revoke the payment directly in your merchant account platform.

Sold an item to a foreign country, what is the procedure?

If you are selling internationally, your business needs to included shipping costs that cover your third party shipping arrangements.

What happens in case of an item return?

Returns are handle normally using your eCommerce communication channels that you use to contact your customers. If the return is in the initial period, you will have to inform us when the return arrives to your warehouse/Store so we can refund the buyer.

Where can I see my orders and sales details?

You can access your eCommerce at any time by browsing our platform from a PC, tablet or mobile.

The best way however to control your stock, sales and orders is through our mobile app.