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Hi, I am Emmanuel Alen I am in a journey to become a professional programmer. It is a new pathway for me and a career change. I have worked in many different fields and was an entrepreneur for years. I am very creative so I love to invent new things, the most successful invention I developed was the ‘Neurozapper’ (neurozapper.com), a tdcs gadget which I designed, assembled and distributed to more than 45 countries, the Neurozapper was a success however had its time.

I believe that programming is a great field where I can unleash my full creative abilities.

I have a diverse education background including electronics, electrics, telecommunication, business administration, renewable energy.

I am self-taught in coding and I use Linkedin Learning, Codecademy, Stackoverflow, and other platforms as source of knowledge.

My professional goal today is to become an app/web developer someday, I want to specialize in Javascript with its infinite resources and libraries.

Besides my family and coding I enjoy working out, Ketogenic diet, Wim-Hof meditation, inventing things, gardening, EMF subjects, healthy and sustainable life, global warming topics, blitz chess.

I am currently looking for a position as a trainee/junior programmer in the Greater London.